Ronald and his employer Vishy from Cafe Madras at the our annual event to celebrate inclusive business leaders. 


Employment Services

Hiring a person with a disability is good for your business

Among employees with disabilities:

  • Staff retention is 72% higher

  • Attendance was 86% better

  • Among 90%, performance was equal to or better than coworkers without disabilities


Contact us:

For more information about DCLS Solutions Employment Services, call us at 604.946.9655 or

What we do:

DCLS Solutions Employment Services creates mutually beneficial working relationships between local businesses and people with developmental disabilities by matching the skills of job seekers with the needs of employers. We offer support every step of the way to ensure that we make the best matches for each business:

  • We present only qualified job seekers for your job placement
  • We analyze your processes to offer assistance with effective on-boarding and supervision
  • We assist you and your new employee with training and adaptations as needed
  • We are available to support changes with job duties change or are expanded

Why does it work:

Research in workplaces with people with developmental disabilities has found that, as employees, they are dependable, have high productivity and great attendance records. And the business that hires people with developmental disabilities enjoys lower employee turnover and higher job satisfaction among all employees. The business also demonstrates itself to be a more accessible, diverse and inclusive business.

You don’t have to take our word for it – here are some great resources for organizations considering inclusive employment:

President’s Group/Accessible Employers | FAQ’s and Misconceptions about hiring people with developmental disabilities 

Hire for Talent | The Benefits of Hiring People with Disabilities 

Canadian Association for Supported Employment | Best Practices in Supported Employment

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