Chief Executive Officer

Anita Sihota  or 604.952.6482

Director of Community Services

Lanette Vawter or 604.952.6495

Director of Finance

Sharla Webb or 604.952.6476

Director of Human Resources

Jacqui Noftall or 604.952.6477

Director of Residential Services

Chrisoula Jana or 604.952.6479

Employment Services Manager

Tammy McEvoy or 604.946.9655

Employment Strategy Manager

Annette Borrows or 604.946.9508

Family Services Manager

Si Stainton or 604.946.9508

Fund Development & Communications Manager

Martha Davis or 604.952.6486

Maintenance & Projects Manager

Harry Sidhu or 604.952.6487

Project Manager

Nicola Dunne or 604.952.6485

Residential Services Manager

Graeme McCallum or 604.952.6492

Respite Services Manager

Mari Jo Groenewold or 604.952.6489

Technology & Resource Manager / Privacy Officer

Patti Ellis or 604.952.6484